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Transport to Alpe d'Huez

Many types of transport are available to Alpe D'Huez from the surrounding airports and train stations at Grenoble, Lyon, Geneva and Chambery. Private transfers, Airport taxis and local bus routes are the main options which all differ in price and travel time depending on your requirements and group size.

Private transfer companies generally use 8 passenger mini-busses and will offer a door to door service so no waiting for other passengers other than your group. The transfer is generally booked in advance and you should be given details of where the driver will meet you on your arrival. The more passengers per transfer makes the price per person more cost effective. 

It maybe that if there are a few passengers in your group and you have lots of time to spare then a local bus could be much more cost efficient. 

Local French taxi firms generally cater for 4 passengers and can be found locally at the train stations and Airports but will generally charge a premium for long distances. If you have ski or boarding equipment with you may find it difficult to fit inside the vehicle if only a car is available.


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