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Megavalanche 2018 | Alpe d'Huez

Alp Venture offer transport, airport Taxi and a shuttle service covering this event to suit your needs.

From the 02/07/18 to 08/07/18 thousands of downhill racers will compete in the longest downhill race in the world the "Megavalanche". The start point is from the “Pic Blanc” glacier at a head spinning 3330m altitude then descending a bone shaking 2,600m to the finish line at Allemont (Altitude 720m).

The event was first held in 1995 and each year thousands of competitors turn up hunting for the winning place.

There are also other races available over the event period which are “Mega Kid” (children only), “Family challenge” and also “E-bike mountain bike” also held on the glacier. There will be other entertainment going on in the resort.

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Event website link: Megavalanche

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