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Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux transfers, airport taxi, shuttle service, Grenoble, Lyon & Geneva airports to Mont Ventoux. Mont Venoux (altitude 1912m) is located in the Provence region of Southern France.

The mountain has become an iconic name in the cycling fraternity due to the numerous gruelling ascents included in the Tour de France and ultimately gained World publicity due to the death of British cyclist Tom Simpson on 13 July 1967.

As the name suggests in French venteux means windy or gusty which makes this climb one of the toughest around, as you can experience drastic climate changes from start to finish. 

There are three possible routes up the mountain which are listed below in order of difficulty, many cyclists try to complete all three in one day:

1. Probably the most famous is starting from Bédoin in the South which ascends 1617m over 21.8km

2. Starting from Malaucène in the Northwest ascent of 1570m over 21.5km.

3. Starting in the East from Sault the ascent is 1210m over 26km and is the easiest route.

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Link to Tourist office website: Mont Ventoux

Transfer Time

(Approximate times based on normal road conditions) 

Grenoble: 2 hour 30 minutes

Lyon: 2 hours 45 minutes

Chambéry:  3 hours 15 minutes

Geneva: 4 hours